Join us, in a state of Unoia

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We refer to a state of unoia as all those amazing moments you spend in your solitude. It is when you are so consumed by the present moment that you lose track of time or when you feel utter peace and the world feels still, as you listen to the sound of silence. It is all those times you let your mind wander into sweet daydreams, find inspiration through your imagination or gain the clarity that you need to help grow.

We welcome you to self indulge, embrace stillness and practice beautiful thoughts to fulfill a meaningful lifestyle. We encourage you to recognize, cherish and chase these moments everyday, as you continue to engage in new experiences that enrich your self-discovery process.
This is the unoia lifestyle.

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Our mission is to provide thoughtfully curated gift set experiences to be used as a tool to enhance your self-discovery process. We hope that our products can help to create a space that allows you to actively check in with yourself to reflect on your needs and desires to strengthen self awareness.

We strive to use our platform to illustrate how mental and physical health influence our wellbeing to create a conversation about self-care and development from a holistic perspective. Our products are infused with all natural ingredients and essential oils to provide unique skin benefits and a beautiful aromatherapy experience that allows you to enter a state of unoia.

Why the Unoia Experience?

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One of the first brands to create a specialty bath bomb gift set infused with hemp seed oil

Our speciality bath bombs are all infused with hemp seed oil and other unique essential oils. Hemp seed oil is filled with vitamins, skin nutrients and healing properties, which can help to moisturize, soothe inflammation & promote a youthful appearance.

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Hand made with ethically sourced & natural ingredients

Each speciality bomb is hand made & enriched with natural ingredients. We do not believe in toxic ingredients and do not use any harsh colours or artificial fragrances. We are formulated with plant based ingredients and strongly believe that self care starts with treating the skin your in with love and care. With that, we commit to always using clean ingredients. Let's bathe in nutrients, NOT in chemicals.

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Plant based & cruelty free

Our specialty gift pack is curated with plant-based ingredients, and is gluten & GMO free. We put the earth's ingredients first and will never test on animals. Please recycle your gift set!

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